Waste King Legend 9930 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review

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4.5/5 on March 19, 2018

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538 reviews


-Longer manufacturer warranty
-LIFETIME Corrosion Warranty
-Simple installation process
-All-stainless steel, precision machined grinding components
-Septic tank safe


-Minor user complaints regarding noise generation while running and slow drainage, but most negative reviews are few and anecdotal (individual problems not caused by the disposal itself).


An ideal garbage disposal for those seeking both reliability and premium features at a value price. The Waste King ½ Horsepower 9930 is simple, powerful, and will provide years of reliable service.

For homeowners looking to upgrade an existing garbage disposal or install one in a new construction, the Waste King 9930 is an excellent choice that offers many advantages over competitor models in the same class. With 1/2 horsepower (HP) magnetic motor and stainless steel precision machined impellers, this disposal has a lot to offer.

Thanks to its unique motor drive, the Waste King 9930 is less prone to jamming and noise generation than most 1/2 HP garbage disposals, and its design is simple enough that most DIYers find they can install it without assistance from a professional plumber.

Are you currently looking for a new garbage disposal for your kitchen? Let’s take a look at our garbage disposal buyer’s guide and the included equipment and best features of this thoroughly excellent garbage disposal. Then you can decide whether it deserves to be your first choice for upgrading or installing a garbage disposal in your home.

Box Contents

  • garbage disposal
  • ½ horsepower motor
  • all-stainless steel precision machined grinding components
  • quick-install twist mounting installation components
  • removable splash guard
  • grounded electrical cord for easy connection to electrical power (no rewiring necessary)
  • wall-switch activated continuous feed mechanism


Highlighted Features

Here’s what makes the Waste King 9930 an exceptional garbage disposal for upgrades and new installations.

1/2 HP Motor

Your garbage disposal is one of those appliances in your home where you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to power. You need it to function reliably and efficiently every time, and if you don’t have sufficient horsepower for your needs, it’s not going to grind and drain efficiently. A 1/2 HP motor and a high-speed 2600 rpm are more than sufficient for most households grinding soft food waste and tougher waste like small bones, root vegetable leavings, and other hardened leavings that could not otherwise be ground in a garbage disposal.

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Waste King Guarantee

There are few cars that have a manufacturer’s warranty as long as Waste King, let alone garbage disposals or other household appliances. If there is a manufacturer defect that causes your 9930 to fail in the first 5 years you own it, Waste King will send a technician to your home to install a brand new model free of charge. This model also comes with a LIFETIME Corrosion Warranty. Clearly, the manufacturer stands four-square behind what they build and sell. You will be hard pressed to find a better guarantee than what Waste King offers its customers.

Noise Dampening

High RPM motors with a 1/2 HP of power tend to generate significant noise when operating, and Waste King has taken extra care to design a housing and mounting system that eliminates both sound and vibration when your disposal is in operation. A properly mounted Waste King  9930 with the splash guard installed generates little noise even when grinding continuously. An increase in noise over time means something may have shaken loose or was not tightened down properly during installation.

Feed Mechanism

Batch feed garbage disposals of the past were somewhat inconvenient, as you would have to load up your garbage disposal chamber a little bit at a time. Then have to use a magnetic chamber lid to activate the grinder before rinsing away your ground waste. Continuous feed models can be activated via a wall switch connected to their electrical outlet underneath the sink, and can be fed continuously while you run water to aid in more efficient drainage. Learn more about batch feed vs continuoous feed garbage disposal.

Easy Installation

Most modern garbage disposals are installed using twist on sing flanges, making installation a simple matter of lifting and twisting the disposal into place with minimal effort. If you have an older garbage disposal that uses a 3-bolt system for installation, there’s no need to worry. Waste King includes a quick-install compatible sink flange in the box. All you need is a little plumbers putty to ensure a watertight seal. Then installing your new flange takes just minutes.

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Waste King’s design is centered around two simple concepts: reliability and longevity. Precision machined all-stainless steel components are built to efficiently grind food waste for years at a time. Therefore, there is no reason to expect less than a decade or two of reliable service from Waste King 9930. Many see a service lifetime far in excess of their 5 year manufacturer warranty. For longer lasting reliability, choose a Waste King 9930 1/2 HP garbage disposal for your kitchen.

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