Waste King L-3300 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Review

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4.4/5 on March 13, 2018

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8 year limited in-home warranty

Installs quickly

All-stainless steel grinding components

Septic tank safe for average size septic tanks


Some users stated the Legend 3300 tends to generate more noise than other models and is slower to drain. Should you experience these issues yourself, do not hesitate to contact Waste King as they stand behind all products with a guarantee.


Waste King is one of the best garbage disposal brands on the market. For rock-solid reliability that offers excellent value for the cost, this garbage disposal makes a fine addition or upgrade to any kitchen. It’s got the power and features you need without adding unnecessary frills or fluff. You should see many happy years of service from your Waste King Legend 3300.

Your garbage disposal is one of those appliances that  needs to work well 100 percent of the time. It isn’t something most homeowners want to tinker with or spend their free time maintaining. The Waste King Legend 3300 is the type of garbage disposal most people are looking for. It is the best 3/4 budget waste disposal in our garbage disposal reviews because it comes with plenty of power, is easy to install, and is easy to use with little or no regular maintenance or upkeep.

The magnetic drive motor helps reduce operational noise and is less prone to jamming. This reduces your necessary maintenance and the need to call in a plumber should something go wrong later. It also has all the right features for clearing jams from the disposal and getting your disposal working again without the need for disassembly. These factors further increases its attractiveness as a good appliance investment for your kitchen. Let’s check out what’s included in the box and what features make this a standout performer that won’t break the bank:


Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal Highlighted Features

3/4 Horsepower, 2700 max RPM Motor

Garbage disposals need plenty of grinding power at their disposal. While most disposals are generally best for grinding soft food waste to ensure it flows easily through your drain pipe, a disposal with a 3/4 horsepower motor can handle tougher waste. You can put vegetable waste from food prep and even small bones from poultry or fish in this powerful disposal. A Legend 3300 garbage disposal is built with enough power to handle virtually any food waste you can throw at it without backing up.

Continuous Feed

If you wire your garbage disposal to a wall switch or outlet controlled by a wall switch, you can run your Waste King Legend 3300 on continuous feed mode. As long as you have cold water running, you can scrape your dishes and dispose of food waste quickly and conveniently without needing to turn the disposal on and off multiple times. Not only is this easier for you, but it is also better for longevity of your garbage disposal unit, too.

Learn more about batch feed vs continuos feed.

Waste King Warranty

There are few appliance manufacturers that are willing to guarantee their work for an entire year, let alone eight. Waste King is definitely the exception to this rule They offer a limited in-home warranty repair or replacement of your Waste King garbage disposal if it failed due to factory defect. It’s by no means a comprehensive warranty, but it’s far more than you get from most other garbage disposal makers. If the length of warranty is one of your most important factor, compare all warranties of Waste King on Waste King vs InSinkErator.

Noise Dampening

Generally speaking, the more powerful the motor in your garbage disposal, the louder it is going to be while in operation. For this reason, Waste King ensures that sound is deadened effectively to provide the best possible home use experience. Both the mounting hardware and the motor casing are insulated against noise and vibration. This helps to prevent excessive operational noise when in use. Comparatively speaking, this is one of the quietest garbage disposals available in 3/4 horsepower.

Ease of Installation

Thanks to the locking connector ring used by most disposals, installing your new garbage disposal takes just minutes. Setup only involves plugging it in and flipping the switch connected to your outlet. Check out how to install a garbage disposal.

Lifetime Durability

Waste King crafts motor and grinding components out of high quality stainless steel that can stand up to years of heavy use. The Legend 3300 is constructed to the same exacting standards. This waste disposer will provide an excellent return on your investment with years of faithful service without failure or breakage.


What’s in the Box?

-Waste King Legend 3300 3/4 HP, 2700 RPM Garbage Disposal

-Easy to use quick mount and all hardware for installing it in your sink

-Removable splash guard for easier cleaning

-Plug in power cord for wall outlets


Final Thoughts

All in all, there are few garbage disposals that share a price point with the Waste King Legend 3300 and can match its outstanding performance and reputation for quality and excellence. This garbage disposal is ideal for users who are looking to upgrade or replace their aging garbage disposal with something that has more consistent performance and additional grinding power. If you are looking for a new garbage disposal, definitely give the Waste King Legend 3300 a first look. We wager you will be glad you did.

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