Moen 1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C)

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This mighty garbage disposal has a ½ horsepower 2,600 rotations per minute motor

This model has incredibly powerful grinding capabilities for being able to handle any kind of food debris or kitchen scraps

It has a handy universal express mount, so that you can mount it just about anywhere that has some kind of existing three bolt mount assembly

What’s really nice about this particular model of garbage disposal is that it comes with its own built in power cord, so that you don’t have to be concerned about buying and installing a separate one

One of the greatest things that we are all thinking about with any garbage disposal is that it is going to be really loud. The Moen GX series is made with soundseal technology that provides enough insulation to significantly deaden the noise, when your garbage disposal is running.

We really like that this model comes with a four year limited warranty with an in home service guarantee, in case anything would go wrong with your garbage disposal


Many garbage disposals will have a keyed hole in the bottom of the disposal that you can turn in case it would get stuck. This model does not include one.

If you need to change out the plug on this particular model, it is going to be very difficult because the unit is hardwired through the power cable


Moen 1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C) gains very positive reviews from real users in that it is very quiet and easy to install. While it is not listed in our top garbage disposal brands because of its limited product lineup, this model alone is outstanding. It is made of stainless steel to ensure longevity. The GX50C is powerful with 2,600 RPMs of grinding power so it can grind almost everything. Let's check out more detail of what it has to offer.

Highlighted Features

High Powered Garbage Disposal

What you will like first and foremost about this compact garbage disposal is that it is incredibly powerful. The ½ horsepower motor runs at 2,600 rotations per minute, and is designed and constructed to be able to grind up anything that you could possibly want to throw in it. You don’t have to worry about throwing in really hard, sticky, or small food debris that could possibly stop-up your blades and your motor. The Moen GX50C can handle any kind of food debris that you want to throw in it.

Soundseal Technology

Have you ever noticed that with most garbage disposals are so loud that you are concerned about disturbing your entire house and even waking up all of your neighbors, when you use it? It can be hard to contain the sound that comes with such power in these industrial garbage disposal motors, but thankfully, Moen takes care of that with technology to suppress the sound. This Moen garbage disposal is designed with Soundseal technology so that it can dampen and deaden the noise from this powerful garbage disposal. That way, you can use your garbage disposal and not have to worry about going deaf, when it is in use.


What is Included

Thankfully, this garbage disposal comes with a lot and has a lot to offer. We really like that this model comes with a splash guard that is totally removable, that you can place in your sink hole to keep debris from flying out of the garbage disposal when it is in use. It is also really nice that this model comes with a stainless steel drain stopper that you can use to fill up your sink with water, when cleaning your dishes. You can also use it to keep debris out of your sink, until you are ready.


Any kind of solid warranty should make you feel good about getting your disposal. Thankfully, this model comes with a four year warranty and an in home service guarantee. Should anything go wrong with your disposal in the limitations of the warranty, Moen will send out a certified service person to fix it.

Easy Mounting and Assembly

It is really easy to mount and assemble this powerful and reliable garbage disposal. This model will fit on most any three bolt mount assembly.

Includes Power Cord

Another nice feature of this garbage disposal is that it comes with its own power cord, so that you don’t have to worry about buying one separately.


What Customers are Saying

Here is what customers are saying about this garbage disposal.

Easy to Install

Installation only takes about 15 minutes. The instructions and how to get it set up is really easy to follow.

Super Quiet

The Soundseal technology really makes a difference on this garbage disposal. It grind up food thoroughly and quietly.

Looks Great and Works Well

This garbage disposal has a gorgeous, sleek design and has no problem handling any kind of food debris that you throw into it.


Key Features

– Powerful 1/2 horsepower motor

– 2,600 RPMs of grinding power

– Grind components that are made of stainless steel for maximum durability and longevity

– Continuous feed, so you don’t have to make sure it’s full before you use it

– This garbage disposal is compatible with most all 3-bolt mounting assemblies

– Includes a 4-year limited warranty with home service

– This disposal is also safe for properly sized septic tanks

– 9.25 lbs, 13-3/8” height, 7-1/2” width

– 1-1/2” drain connection size

– 7/8” dishwasher connection size

– 1/2” maximum sink thickness

– Pre-installed power cord

– Comes with a splash guard so that you don’t make a mess when it’s in use

– It comes with a drain elbow and mounting assembly for quick and easy mounting

– Sink flange included

– Polished stainless drain stopper so that you can keep debris out of the sink, and fill it when you need to

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