InSinkErator Essential XTR Garbage Disposal Review

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Less noise with SoundSeal® Technology
Stainless Steel Components
Easy installation
MultiGrind® technology
Six year ‘We come to you’ limited warranty


Few complaints about vibrations


This disposal is a solid, quiet unit that is fairly simple to install. It comes with a six year ‘We come to you’ limited warranty. The XTR is a reliable and solid product that will provide good service for many years.

The Essential XTR garbage disposal is the best disposal money can buy. This high-performing disposal is produced by InSinkErator, one of the best garbage disposal brands on the market. With its powerful three-quarter horsepower motor that runs at 1,725 rotations per minute, it can grind some of the toughest foods. It’s patented SoundSeal® technology won’t disrupt conversations while disposing of food.

The InSinkErator Essential XTR garbage disposals deliver quality and are the most innovative food waste disposals in the world. The Essential XTR has an added convenience that you won’t find with other disposals – a sink top switch and power cord. These items provide for added convenience and extraordinary function.

Highlighted Features 

MultiGrind® Technology

The MultiGrind® technology uses two stages of grinding that will ensure that food waste is broken down more easily, grinding scraps down to a fine pulp. Foods such as fruits, peels, celery, vegetables and small bones can be ground down with ease.

SoundSeal® Technology

The Essential XTR uses SoundSeal® technology which includes high-level insulation, reduced vibration connections and it’s Quiet Collar sink baffle which blocks noise from emitting through the drain opening providing quieter performance than other disposals.

Quick Lock Sink Mount

The quick lock sink mount allows you to quickly and easily change from one InSinkErator disposal system for another. For first time installers, all that you need for installation comes with the XTR. When you need to replace or simply upgrade your disposal, you can just unscrew the old disposal and install the new one. The InSinkErator sink flange is made of polished stainless steel.

Manual Reset

The Essential XTR comes equipped with a manual reset button, should there be an overload, to allow it to reset the disposal.

‘We Come to You’ In-Home Limited Warranty

The Essential XTR disposal includes a six year, exclusive ‘We come to you’ limited home warranty. This warranty covers in-home parts and labor performed by one of 1500 professional service representatives. These representatives are trained and certified in repairing, replacing and installation of InSinkErator disposers. You simply call the toll-free number to find a factory authorized service agent in your area.


Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on the InSinkErator Essential XTR disposal are absolutely glowing. They’ve given this product an astounding 4.6 out of five stars. It seems unanimous that the product delivers a high quality, powerful performance. Reviews have stated time and time again that the product has an easy installation and is quiet in performance.


Usage Tips

  • Always use cold water when running your disposal. Cold water will help the grease and oils to solidify making chopping easier.
  • Leave to motor and water running until you have finished grinding.
  • Using hot water can cause grease and oils to produce clogs.
  • Don’t grind fibrous foods like celery stalks, corn husks, artichokes or onion skins as the fibers can get tangled and jam the motor.
  • Never pour fat, oil or grease into your drain. While cold water will aid in solidifying it, it will begin to accumulate causing clogged drains, and affecting your disposals grinding performance.
  • Don’t put foods like rice or pasta into your disposal. They can tend to expand when added to the water and can cause jams or clogs.
  • Never grind coffee grounds as they will accumulate and the build up will cause clogs.
  • Only put biodegradable food in your XTR disposal, if you’re unsure, throw it in the garbage rather than grinding it.


Cleaning Tips

  • Pour some dish soap and cold water down the disposal and run it for a minute to clean it.
  • Grind hard materials such as egg shells, fruit pits, or small chicken or fish bones to act as a scrubbing agent to clean the disposal walls.
  • Run the disposal daily to prevent rust and corrosion.


The Essential XTR disposal system is the perfect selection for every home’s garbage disposal needs. The XTR disposal includes the following features:

  • Sink top power switch with satin nickel button for easy start up
  • Power cord
  • Patented SoundSeal® technology to provide quieter disposal operation
  • MultiGrind® technology: two stages of grinding allows you to grind food more efficiently and prevents clogging
  • Manual reset button
  • Powerful 3/4 Horsepower dura-drive induction motor
  • 34.6 oz grind chamber capacity
  • Stainless Steel grinding components for added strength
  • Continuous feed
  • 1.5″ drain connection
  • Dishwasher drain connection
  • 3-bolt QuickLock sink mount
  • Safe for septic tanks
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Height: 12-¼ inches
  • Width: 8-¾ inches
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Comes with a 6-year “We Come to You” in-home limited warranty

Parts Included:

When you receive your Essential XTR garbage disposal, it will come with the following items:

  1. Essential XTR garbage disposal
  2. Installation instructions
  3. Quick lock sink mount
  4. Stainless steel sink stopper
  5. Discharge tubes
  6. Sink baffle
  7. Clamp, hardware, Jam-Buster wrench
  8. Power cord
  9. Satin nickel SinkTop switch

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